Guilty pleasures

Today, I am loving this post a lot.

It’s been on my mind lately, the idea of ‘guilty pleasures’. It’s one of those questions that gets asked in interviews – what’s your guilty pleasure? As in, what do you take joy from but know that you shouldn’t, because it’s ‘silly’ or ‘not challenging’ or ‘just for fun’ or ‘pure entertainment’?

Guilt is a very big and serious feeling, to be reserved for things that are actually guilt-inducing. Like forgetting to feed the dog. Or the children.

Pleasure is about enjoyment, not duty, not kowtowing to what Certain People think you should be enjoying (what a strange concept).

I encounter an awful lot of people who feel like they should apologise for or criticise what they read. A lot of people who feel they need to be snarky about ‘popular’ or ‘commercial’ books to prove that they are smart and clever and insightful.

I kind of feel smart/clever/insightful people should know better.

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