Fairytale retellings & International Children’s Book Day

Today is International Children’s Book Day, and there’s a whole bunch of events going on today – see here!

IBBY Ireland have also launched a new resource website, Imagine Nations.

And finally there is a shiny fairytale retelling collection from Irish kids’ writers available for download here, including a story from yours truly, and some terrific retellings by Deirdre Sullivan, Anna Carey, Dave Rudden, Sarah Webb, Sheena Wilkinson, Ruth Long, and others.

Fairytale retellings! So shiny!

HCA Launch Invitation

{2} Thoughts on “Fairytale retellings & International Children’s Book Day

  1. Hi Claire,

    What a wonderful idea! I love that the collection has two versions so I can read one on my kindle!

    It’s always difficult to put your own spin on a well-known fairytale but you did a lovely job with Princess and the Pea 🙂

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