Some things of joy

January can be gloomy. Here are some delightful things to help alleviate said gloom:

#1. ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, which is possibly the most joyful thing I have encountered since Tangled. It has everything! Everything! Sisters, snow, innuendo, musical numbers, plot twists aplenty, acts of true love thawing frozen hearts… I adored it. And I am a huge fan of Idina Menzel, and Kristen Bell too, so that helped.


#2. Speaking of… Veronica Maaaars! I loved the TV series – that first season in particular is just extraordinarily good – I am so excited about this movie. I may have a VMars Kickstarter backer t-shirt, yeah.


#3. So I have not yet seen most of what has aired of How I Met Your Mother‘s final season, but I just had to check out the 200th episode (credit sequence above), ‘How Your Mother Met Me’, and it is both a thing of joy and of heartbreak. Oh, Cristin Milioti.


#4. To cancel out the heartbreaky moments of #3, another song from Frozen. Sure why not.

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