Things on the internets

–> Breaking Dawn drinking game.

–> Really interesting piece about Nora Roberts, her writing, and romance fiction. I have not read a huge amount of Nora Roberts, but I like what I have read, and I really like her approach to writing – so disciplined.

“…women aren’t supposed to have expectations, right? We’re pretty smart. I think we know the difference between reality and fiction.”

–> A nifty post on the benefits of writing part-time.

–> YA author Beth Revis talks about writing bravely.

–> Sarah Webb writes about the move towards publishers focusing only on bestsellers and the problems with this. Very much worth reading.

{4} Thoughts on “Things on the internets

  1. Glad to see that there are other Irish ForeverYA fans 🙂 I adore their book reviews and the drinking games always look hilarious!

    • 🙂 I think the emphasis on ‘how to be a full-time writer’ (even that rarely actually means ‘full time’ in the way people imagine because there’s so much else to do!) often takes away from the benefits of having other things going on in your life. It was a wonderful post!

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